Jack Churchward Patents

These are the patents gathered from the WWW that are assigned to Jack Churchward (1894-1969)
Number Patent Name Inventor Date Filed Date issued Location
US1333586 Electrical-arc-welding electrode and process of making Churchward, Jack 7/21/1919 3/9/1920 New York, New York
US1335875 Electrical-arc welding Churchward, Jack 1/14/1920 4/6/1920 New York, New York
US1337543 Metallic-arc welding Churchward, Jack 1/14/1920 4/20/1920 New York, New York
US1389476 Welding cast-iron Churchward, Jack 10/27/1920 8/30/1921 New York, New York
US1403230 Metallic-arc welding Churchward, Jack 2/12/1920 1/10/1922 New York, New York
US1423914 Electric-arc welding Churchward, Jack 1/14/1920 7/25/1922 New York, New York
US1679114 Vulcanizing pan Churchward, Jack 9/22/1925 7/31/1928 New Haven , Conn.
US1869667 Aluminum arc welding Churchward, Jack 7/8/1922 8/2/1932 New Haven , Conn.
US1973701 Electrode holder Churchward, Jack 12/2/1931 9/18/1934 New Haven , Conn.
US2059438 Electrode holder Churchward, Jack 9/11/1935 11/3/1936 New Haven , Conn.
US2232213 Electrode holder Churchward, Jack 11/17/1938 2/18/1941 New Haven , Conn.
US2301107 Electrode holder Churchward, Jack 11/7/1940 11/3/1942 New Haven , Conn.
US2301108 Electrode holder Churchward, Jack 8/27/1941 11/3/1942 New Haven , Conn.
US2315085 Fluid delivery apparatus Churchward, Jack 4/13/1940 3/30/1943 New Haven , Conn.
US2357457 Handle assembly for electrical devices Churchward, Jack 8/7/1942 9/5/1944 New Haven , Conn.
US3057318 Anchor Churchward, Jack 1/22/1960 10/9/1962 Dunedin, Florida
US3269348 Boat Anchor Churchward, Jack 2/10/1965 8/30/1966 Dunedin, Florida

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