Albert Churchward (1852-1925)

Albert Churchward

M.D, M.R.C.P., F.G.S., P.M., P.Z., 30° M.D.U.

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185209/18Albert Churchward is born to Henry and Matilda Churchward in Okehampton, County Devon.
1870-Finished Grammar school in Penge, Brompton, Surrey at Stambridge Road.
Entered Guy's University Medical School in London Bridge in Surrey.
1873-Graduated Guy's University Medical School in London Bridge, Surrey.
Admitted to Royal College of Physicians.
1874-Admitted to Royal College of Surgeons.
1876-Admitted to membership in Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh.
Medical Doctor, Brussels.
189802/28Joined Geological Society of London with brother Wm. Gould Churchward.
1910-Authored: "The Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man, being an explanation of the Evolution of Religious Doctrines from the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians"
1915-Authored: "The Arcana of Freemasonry; Albert Churchward; George Allen & Unwin Ltd. London, 1915; 327 pages, illustrations."
1921-Authored: "Origin and Evolution of the Human Race; Albert Churchward; London, George Allen &Unwin 1921; 511pp.With 78 Full Page Plates"

Address: Erroll lodge, 206 Selhurst Rd. So. Norwood, London, S.E. 25

Possible membership in Victoria Lodge 890 (city unknown).

November Received illustrations from James Churchward, his older brother living in New York; "Illustrations for Lecture on the Origin of Freemasonry"

1923-Resigned from Geological Society of London.
1924-Authored: "The Origin and Evolution of Religion; Albert Churchward; London, George,Allen, & Unwin, 1924; 500 pages"
192509/04Death of Dr. Albert Churchward, survived by wife Marie, and son Albert Etienne Churchward.
London Times Obituaries, Sept 5, 1925
Buried in Beckenham Cemetary (Elmer's End) (Plot 10076-V3).
1950-Tomb removed due to unsafe conditions by Albert Etienne Churchward.
His address at the time was: Green Hills, Radnor Cliff, Crescent. Folkstone 10, Kent.

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